Proc Freq - A Simple Example

Proc FREQ is a SAS(r) procedure that is used to provide descriptive statistics about a given data set or table. The FREQ procedure is used to create frequency and cross-tabulation tables.

Frequency tables describe data by reporting the distribution of variable values. Cross-tabulation tables, summarize data for two or more class variables by showing the number of records for each combination of variable values.

Simple example using proc freq:

proc freq data=sashelp.class;       /* Specify the input data set */

tables sex * age;                   /* Specify the two variables to be cross-tabbed */

where age > 11;                     /* Add a where-clause to subset the input  */

title 'Two way table of sex by age where age > 11'; /* Add a title (optional)*/


This example uses the built in sashelp.class data set and can be run from any SAS session to show a simple example of how proc FREQ works.