Video Demo Example Tutorials for SAS Enterprise Guide and Data Integration Studio

Click any of the links below to get a feel for what some of the SAS BI products can do. Right now we've got a few simple examples from Enterprise Guide and Data Integration Studio. Check back often as we will be adding more examples including Web Report Studio, the MS-Office Add-in and others.


Data Integration Studio
Di Studio Create Job Create a DI job and use the join transform to create a derived column.
DI Studio Inner Join Apply a where-clause to a join transform.
Group by Transform Use a group-by to calculate summary statistcs such as the average.
Two table join Use the join transform to perform an inner join on two tables.
Enterprise Guide
SAS Enterprise Guide Overview Image

An overview from the SAS web site that describes how to get started with SAS Enterprise Guide

  Importing and Reporting On an Excel Spreadsheet in SAS Enterprise Guide

 Creating Summary Statistics Reports in SAS Enterprise Guide


 Using Filters and Sorting in SAS Enterprise Guide

  Creating Bar Charts in SAS Enterprise Guide