Setting Up SAS Portal Content Administrators and Groups

Listed below are steps used at a customer site to configure SAS IDP Content Administration

Two new groups are defined in the SAS metadata (using the user plug-in of the SAS Management Console)

  • SAS Portal Group 1
  • SAS Portal Group 2

Two new metadata identities are defined in SAS. These accounts were tied to the OS accounts with like names created during my visit:

  • SAS Portal Admin 1
  • SAS Portal Admin 2

The sasportaladmin1 was then added to SAS Portal Group 1 and sasportaladm2 to SAS Portal Group 2. These accounts will become portal content administrators for the groups that they belong to.

In order to define these accounts as portal administrators for their respective groups, refer to page 222 of the biwaag manual. A summary of these instructions follows:

  1. Log on to SAS Management Console as the SAS Administrator. Navigate to Authorization Manager 􀀀 Resource Management 􀀀 By Application 􀀀 BIP Service 􀀀 Portal Application Tree.
  2. Select the group for which you wish to assign a group content administrator.
  3. From the main menu, select File Properties.
  4. In the Properties dialog box, select the Authorization tab.
  5. In the Names list box, select the user who will be the content administrator. You must select an individual user, not a group. Note: If a particular user is not listed, click Add to add the user. When you return to the Authorization tab, make sure the appropriate user is selected in the Names list box.
  6. To modify the permissions for the selected user, in the permissions list row for the WriteMetadata permission, select Grant.  Important Note: Ensure that the permission is directly assigned, instead of inherited. The check box for a permission that comes from a directly assigned Administering Portal Authorization access control entry (ACE) has no added background color. If the check box for a permission has a background color, to remove the background color and designate the permission as a directly assigned permission, click the check box.
  7. In the properties dialog box, click OK to save your changes.
  8. The user that was configured as a group content administrator can now log on to the portal Web application and share personal content with that group.