Understanding SAS9 - A Consultant's Take

SAS9 is the cool slang for SAS Version 9.1.3 or 9.2 from SAS(r) - the largest private software company in the world - located in Cary NC.

When people refer to SAS9 they are generally talking about the Business Intelligence capabilities that have been built on top of the base product. Any old-time SAS users (you now who you are) are no doubt familiar with the standard program/log/output interface, also known as 'Classic SAS'.  Well, SAS9 is all that and a whole lot more.

The SAS9 package is designed to be more of a server-based product. The idea is that the 'guts' of SAS will sit on some serious hardware on a server somewhere while all the users will come in with a lightweight, small footprint client. Examples of these clients include

  • Enterprise Guide
  • Web Report Studio
  • Information Delivery Portal
  • Information Map Studio
  • OLAP Cube Studio
  • Data Integration Studio

One of the most common uses for SAS9 is to use Web Report Studio to build reports off of a multi-dimensional OLAP cube (created in Olap Cube Studio). The report can then be placed into the Information Delivery Portal to allow controlled, secure access to any information consumer through a slick web interface.

Blue Chip Solutions has lots of experience with SAS9. As a matter of fact, we worked as a subcontractor and did most of the work for this project.

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