Free Enterprise Guide Training - Bar Charts

The video shows how to open an existing project (the one that we created in the previous steps) and modify it so that a chart is created. Start this task by opening the Sales Report2 project and then click the Excel file we have been working with.  Next choose 'graph' from the main menu. From the report gallery choose 'Vertical Colored Bars'. Next choose 'Task Roles' from the menu on the upper left. Choose Actual Sales as the 'Sum of' variable and then choose Country as the 'Column to Chart'. Click 'Run' and watch how SAS Enterprise Guide generates a vertical bar chart.

Next, switch the chart to have a horizontal orientation. Do this simply by double-clicking the charting node that we just created and choosing the 'Horizontal Color Bars'. Click 'Run' and Enterprise Guide will generate a horizontal bar chart.

As the last step in this lesson, double-click the charting node again. This time we want to group the bar chart to see actual sales by country, grouped by product type. Choose 'Grouped Colored Vertical Bar' from the gallery and the click 'Task Roles'. Add Product Type as a 'Group Bars By' and then click run again. The output now consists of six bars to allow visualization of sales by Product Type, by Country.

Choose to save the project and all of our work will be saved for any future modifications we care to make.