SAS EG  - Free Training Video Demo of How to Create Summary Statistics

The video clip training demo below is a simple example of how to open a project and then add a report of summary statistics. For the SAS EG training example, we will use the same furniture sales spreadsheet used in the previous demo.  For summary statistics the following are available. For the demo we will use Mean and N:

  • N

  • Mean

  • Sum

  • Min

  • Max

  • Standard Deviation

We start out by opening our previous EG project - named Sales_Report2. At this point the project contains the link to the spreadsheet and the simple listing report created in the previous demo example.  

To add the summary statistics report, select the spreadsheet and choose Describe and then Summary Statistics. Choose Actual Sales as the analysis variable and Product as the classification variable. These selections will give us roll-ups of Actual Sales by Product.

The SAS EG training demo then goes on to produce a slightly more complex report. After that report successfully runs we can change the report to add more variables. We can add Predicted Sales as another analysis variable and Year as another classification variable.   

After the report is generated you can now save all of the steps above as a SAS EG project that can be modified at a later time.