SAS Enterprise Guide - A Free Training Demo of How to Import and Report on an Excel Spreadsheet

The video clip training demo below is a simple example of how to create a new project and then import an Excel spreadsheet into SAS Enterprise Guide to create a simple listing report.

The training demo video shows how to navigate your local files through Enterprise Guide and to click on the Excel file that you are interested in. When you click on the file, a tree view will display all individual work sheets that are contained with in the workbook. Simply drag the worksheet to the process flow workspace area in EG, choose to view the file 'as is' when prompted (as opposed to importing it into a SAS data set).

Once you've got the spreadsheet imported in to EG, you can create a simple listing report. This is done by highlighting the new shortcut to the Excel file and then choosing 'Describe' from the main menu. Chose 'List Data' from the sub menu and then chose highlight each variable you need to report on. In our example we will highlight all variables (using control-click) and then click the right arrow and choose 'List Variables'. Next click 'Run' to generate an html report.

After the report is generated you can now save all of the steps above as an EG project that can be modified at a later time.